Aaron Hernadez

Hernandez, i dont know where to begin to describe the feelings that come to mind when i see ANOTHER gifted athlete who has the world at his feet kick it away like a piece of trash (see Maurice Clarett). 

This isnt going to be a long post because this isnt going to be a long CASE. He is destroying incriminating evidence before a warrant was even issued. HE IS DONE. He will never play football again because he couldn’t let go of a few punks he grew up with and obviously was one of them the entire time. 

THis speaks to the fraudulent franchise that is the Patriots, Tom Brady taking pay cuts to lose Welker and pay guys like Hernandez all the while knowing he would implode at some point. 

Another perfect crime for “the hooded one” and their Kraft-ty owner. 

There is a line that explains this in a great movie, “A Bronx Tale’ directed by Robert Deniro. 


“The worst thing in the world is wasted talent” -Lorenzo the bus driver, “chologero’s father (Deniro). 


Aaron, you my friend are the definition of WASTED TALENT.



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